This question also worries me. I know thay there is a git way to submit translations, but I'm a bit lazy to use it. And personally I don't like it. Developers, what can you say?

On Mar 6, 2013 8:09 PM, "PK" <pliniusminor@gmail.com> wrote:
LXDE has become an important flavour for many big distro's. But an
important part of LXDE is in coma: the translations. Because the
technical infrastructure for the translations (Pootle server) has
disappeared a long time ago.

My question is: should the distro's be warned against LXDE? So that
they perhaps remove LXDE as flavour from their repositories, and
choose another lightweight flavour, which does have a functional
translation infrastructure?

I don't mean this as criticism on LXDE, nor do I want to criticize the
former maintainer of the Pootle server (who has done a great job for a
very long time, and deserves many thanks!).

But like it is now, LXDE is no longer a flavour which the big distro's
can support, I think. So: should we warn them, because they probably
don't know about the translation coma?

What do you think?

Regards, Pjotr (Dutch translator).

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