Thanks to all for your help, problem solved !  :-) :-) :-)

Incompatibility between the session.conf of the previous version an the current. Removing this file, it works.

If we install manually, we can read the warning, but if it's in an ISO...

2014-05-30 6:55 GMT+02:00 Mika Kobayashi <>:

2014-05-29 13:21 GMT-04:00 Patrice Esclapion <>:

> I changed startlxqt to add a line : exec lxqt-panel & before the line exec lxqt-session, and now, I have the panel. Is that right ?
> A lot of things are working now.
> But something is always wrong : the wallpaper is not set. If I set a new one, it's not taken in account.
> Otherwise, the contextual menu is false. Maybe something is always missing ?

Normaly, they should be configured by lxqt-config-session (LXQt
Session Configuration).
lxqt-session (or lxqt-config-session-git) includes
lxqt-config-session. It's in /usr/bin if you using Arch Linux.

So, editing start-lxqt isn't a good practice.

Desktop's functionalities such as wallpaper and context menu are
provided by pcmanfm-qt.
pcmanfm-qt (pcmanfm-qt-git) is required. It should be installed and
run on starting LXQt session.

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