OK, works now, thanks.

I changed startlxqt to add a line : exec lxqt-panel & before the line exec lxqt-session, and now, I have the panel. Is that right ?

A lot of things are working now.

But something is always wrong : the wallpaper is not set. If I set a new one, it's not taken in account.

Otherwise, the contextual menu is false. Maybe something is always missing ?

2014-05-29 13:24 GMT+02:00 Patrice Esclapion <esclapion@gmail.com>:

menu-cache and menu-cache-git are in conflict.

lxqt-panel-git depends on menu-cache

what is recommended : to suppress menu-cache-git, or to change the PKGBUILD of lxqt-panel-git ?

Thanks by advance.