There's also a different in Arabic Mozilla translation (Although these are not actually PO files).

This is not such a big difference, if you want a script I can help you write one, I don't think this parameter should stop LDXE from moving to a different translation system.

One other thing is, I told Diego (From Indifex) I think they should include some way of letting translators choose the right plural-forms for their translation, not sure it will be implemented soon but we can surely send a ticket about it and promote it together.

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On Wed, Sep 26, 2012 at 7:21 AM, gymka <> wrote:
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2012.09.26 08:13, gymka rašė:
> 2012.09.26 02:00, Yaron Shahrabani rašė:
>> Can you please check out this post? I contacted Diego personally
>>  about this issue and this is what he sent me:
>> I think it can be solved with a script, if you really feel this
>> is a wrong behavior we should ask them to add an option to
>> select the plural forms per project, this way there will be no
>> confusion whatsoever.
> so all that discussion only about different order of plural forms?
> In Lithuanian language there is same situation between all world
> and mozilla. all world uses: 1: 1 baitas(1 byte) few: 2 baitai(2
> bytes) other: 11 baitų (11 bytes)
> mozilla extensions uses: 1: 1 baitas(1 byte) other: 11 baitų (11
> bytes) few: 2 baitai(2 bytes)
> i never saw any problems, everywhere i translate using "normal"
> plural forms in mozilla site using their plural forms order...
looked deeper, there is difference even between KDE and gnome.
gnome(and all world) in Lithuanian language uses 3 plural forms, KDE
translators uses 4 plural forms. there too nobody sees any problems...
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