Hello everyone!

I want to discuss an algorithm of panel resizing.

How it works now:
Imagine a vertical panel with two plug-ins - clock and a quicklaunch. The clock has format "Do not show date". The panel has following settings: "Line size" - 10 and "Rows count" - 1.
In result the panel is thin.

Now let's change the clock format to "Show date after time"
As you can see the panel is wide. The clock plugin set a minimum width so that would place the text whole.
    * At any size of the line, user sees the all contents of the plugin, not only its part.
    * The behavior of the panel isn't intuitive. We constantly have issues like "Line size "can be set to 10px but the value is not accepted" https://github.com/Razor-qt/razor-qt/issues/564
    * This approach requires a complex code of the panel.
    * Requires additional code from the plugin authors, not much, but the code is not always obvious.
    * There is always a chance that don't neatly written plug-ins "break" the panel.
    * I have some unresolved problem with the taskbar.

Another approach - does not take into account the sizeHint of plugins. The panel always has the size LineSize*RowsCount. And plugins adjusts your size by panel. The plugin can scale content for example decrease font size in date.

Long time I championed the first algorithm, but now I'm inclined to the second. What do you think? Which approach is better? Any opinions are welcome, from the developers, and from the users too.

Best regards,