Hi Henry,

On Sat, Sep 14, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Henry Gebhardt <hsggebhardt@gmail.com> wrote:

I'd rather that there is only one version of a launchbar and a taskbar
in the panel. By this I mean that the plugins 'launchbar' and 'taskbar'
should be removed, and we should come up with a good way to upgrade from
them to the 'launchtaskbar'. Users should not be required to actively
change their configuration.

I thought about not merging taskbar and launchbar but just adding client/server communications (e.g. with dbus) but this introduces a lot of complexity, not to mention that in future I was also thinking about try to make a single icon grid out of the 2 current separate icon grids (launch and task), so really making it a docking like unity or windows 7 or kde.

I'm aware not only Andrij but also other users want separate launch and task, somebody even has more launchers in separate places, in my opinion we have to keep them both, I will take care of porting fixes to separate launch and task to integrated launchtask.

I'll try again later. There have been some changes in master that change
lxpanel_launch_app(). Can you test with the newest master merged?

I noticed changes to launchbar.c, will port them to launchtaskbar.c

BTW, I have been contemplating removing the "lxpanelctl restart" option,
as it seems rather useless. Any comments?

I also use "lxpanelctl restart", it's handy for me.