Hello Andrej,

On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 3:23 PM, Andrej N. Gritsenko <andrej@rep.kiev.ua> wrote:

While you are working on it, I would like to take your attention
about switching selection - it currently has only single choice but it
would be much better if it could have multiple, for example: switch by
right control, and temporary switch by right alt,

I completed this in the current xkb branch, to be merged to master when desired

and indicate with the
"scroll lock" LED. The indication is completely missed in the choices
with this obvious reason of single selection so it would be very good to
have it there too.

as for this point, I'm not sure I understood what you would like to see implemented,
consider also that there's a text entry where you can enter advanced setxkbmap
command line arguments that are added to the ones tacitly added from the gui selections
(all options can be found from command "man xkeyboard-config").