Hello Vadim Ushakov,
I'm going to merge most of your changes to my libfm/pcmanfm repos 
since most of them look quite nice. Thank you.
I, however, have some questions about this.

1. We're now preparing for 1.0 stable release, and the UI is now considered frozen.
  We can do the UI improvement in the next release, but not now. In addition, new
  strings cannot be added at the moment. So, I'd like to put some of your UI changes
  to a separate branch rather than master branch.

2. If I just want to pull your other fixes to my master branch, and leave your major UI 
   changes in a separate feature branch, what's the better strategy to do it?
   Git cherry-pick seems to work in this case, but it seems to cause future merging 
   problems as well. I'm not that familiar with git, so please give some suggestions.

I'll try to incorporate your UI changes later, but for the incoming release, it's better to merge
the important bug fixes first. Any suggestions on how to do this cleanly?

I don't think forking the project is needed as we're mostly moving toward the 
same direction. Any chance to cooperate? If Vala is a problem for you, I'll limit its use
in specific places only, such as the actions module.
There is no plan to rewrite the program with vala.

For thumbnail generation part, I used FmPath for hash key rather than FmFileInfo
pointers simply because sometimes you may want to load a thumbnail but you don't have
a FmFileInfo structure at hand. Requiring query of file infos prior to loading thumbnails can be expansive in some potential use cases. That's why it's designed like this.
To improve performance, it's possible to cache the FmPath hash value in FmPath 
structure itself. Though this costs 4 bytes per FmPath structure.

For the ffmpeg thumbnailer part, supporting external thumbnailers is planned, but I did not
do it because there is no reliable way to correctly detect existing thumbnailers installed.
There must be a way to detect available thumbnailers rather than hard-coding ffmpeg.
In Gnome 2 the installed thumbnailers are registered in gconf. Too bad!
However, we can generate a list with gconftool and cache the list so we don't need
gconf at runtime. (this is not very clean, either).
In Gnome 3, the way to install thumbnailers changed again, and it's even undocumented.
In XFCE, they use tumbler and the way to install thumbnailers seems to be differ again.
How to get a list of installed thumbnailers reliably? To best of my knowledge, I cannot find one. :-(
Maybe we can have a cached list of thumbnailers once we have good gnome-independent ways to detect them.

Any comments?

On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 12:31 PM, Vadim Ushakov <igeekless@gmail.com> wrote:
Various bugfixes and ui impovements for libfm and pcmanfm:


Vadim Ushakov

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