I just added a new component, libxdsettings.
This library is used to get some DE-specific settings not detected by Qt, such as icon theme name.
When in gnome, lxde (gtk+ ver), xfce, mate, ..., and current lxde-qt, it reads the icon theme name from Xsettings. When in old razor-qt, it reads the razor.conf config file and monitors for changes.
In this way, we can make Qt programs work well in different DEs.

I do not add this to liblxqt because I hope that other third-party plain Qt programs can use it to obtain some DE-specific info so they don't look like aliens. This functionality should really be provided by Qt directly, but it's not done at the moment so let's do it.

The lib is licensed under MIT rather than LGPL, so it should be compatible with most of existing programs, even proprietary ones.

Currently it only reads icon theme name, but I hope that I can extend it to access more settings later.

I already use it in lximage-qt, which is a desktop-indepdent Qt image viewer and I'll use it in pcmanfm-qt, too. For lxde-qt specific components, there is no need to use it. This lib is designed for cross-desktop Qt programs.