Please keep lxpanel.
Lxpanel2 in general is not yet ready for daily use.
It's only 40% completed now and there are no GUI configuration tools.
I'm going to make the git repo online next week.
Using vala indeed makes development faster, but to overcome problems left by lxpanel, the initial design should be more careful. So initially things go slower.
Lxpanel2 is fully gtk3 compatible and the source code will be much more readable than that of lxpanel.


On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 10:38 AM, Globe Trotter <> wrote:
hello all,

i am wondering whether lxpanel will be superseded by lxpanel2? is there a proposed roadmap for this? i read somewhere that lxpanel is not being developed any longer, however my distribution still offers lxpanel rather than lxpanel2. when will lxpanel2 be safe enough to adopt?


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