Is there someone who is actively translating Korean (ko)? Because it seems that even the front page is less than a half done and last modified date is almost an year ago.

If there isn't, I'll take liberty of translating the pages, and possibly more...

On Mon, May 31, 2010 at 7:44 PM, Martin Bagge / brother <> wrote:
Hi everyone
Last week I did a complete study of the state of translations for our

I've added the numbers to a spread sheet and it shows that we are in
pretty good shape in most components but the number of languages that
are 100% done is not to impressive.

bg, ca, cs, da, de, el, en_GB[1], es, fo, fr, he, it, ja, lt, nl, pl,
pt, pt_BR, ru, sk, sl, sv, uk, zh_TW

af, ar, bn, bn_IN, es_VE, et, gl, hr, hu, id, ms, nn, ro, sr, tr, ur,
ur_PK, vi, zh_CN

Below 50%
ast[1][2], eu, fa, fi, frp[1][2], ko, ml[3][4], nb, ps[4], th[4]

PCManFM and libfm are the components that are lacking support the most
but with the recent announcement from pcman we will probably see a
drastic increase in those soon.

For DeaDBeeF I've added the table in the spread sheet but not included
the numbers in the total.
Only uk is done, other languages that have started working on the
strings are above 60% done and most of them in range of 90%.

The full report:

[1] The files are lacking here, for en_GB it's only LXMusic and they are
at 99% with the files that are present and only missing a few strings.

[2] frp is abandoned but might be done in the future. ast is in unknown
shape to me. I would guess that getting support for these in a distro is
slim at the moment.

[3] The GTKNetCat translation is marked as fuzzy, by mistake or not.

[4] LXMenu-data that was imported from GNOME(?) is the only complete



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