Some thoughts from a non-developer - please forgive any mistakes :-).

About networking on recent Linux distros with NetworkManager and nm-applet:
So, I was thinking about LXNM, which would probably take a lot of work to work as well as NetworkManager. Would it be more useful in the medium term to develop a lighter interface to NetworkManager, to replace nm-applet? That might also be handy for people using certain other window managers, or using Openbox without a panel. If it's a non sys-tray app, but which minimizes to systray, that could be usable but very flexible.

NetworkManager now has nmcli, a command line interface (though it seems very new - it's in Fedora 13 but doesn't seem to be in Debian Squeeze yet). I would guess that that makes developing an alternative nm interface much easier.

Just a thought :-).

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