I understand that my PKGBUILD is far from ideal, it is just initial try. Lxadmin is designed  generally for ubuntu, so we have to adapt it for archlinux or any other distribution, i.e. scripts and other staff. 

2010/6/29 marcus Sch <marcus.schulderinsky@googlemail.com>

When I start "lxservices", it results the same error here on Arch64bit. Using the PKGBUILD. In your Script you are checking rcS.d,rc0.d and so on, on Archlinux there is just /etc/rc.d/.

When I comment all "get_runlevel" and th next for loop, then The GUI starts, but I can't do anything, because it gets nothing to play with.

* every admin configuration fails because I have no su-to-root.
* lxfontconfig.py Not found
* apt-leo. Not found, of course, I think there should be a distro check and the right Manager should be started then. I'm thinking of a text entry for the searched software, which passes the entered text to the package manager "pacman, yum, ...".
* I don't have lxsession-edit installed, so it couldn't be started, Maybe something like red statusbar could appear at the bottom of lxcc. Saying "LXsessionEdit not found, please install "lxsession-edit".

Will test it more intensively later.