Hi all,

I'm Jez, a student from Singapore. I'll be attending Amherst College later this fall. As the title suggests, I'm hoping to work with you guys on a GSOC project... I'm sorry for not contacting you guys earlier, but I only just discovered the programme a few days ago. Heh.

Since this is a DE project, I guess you might want to know what kind of setup I use. Well, I don't use LXDE -- in fact, I don't use a DE -- but I do use some of its components, namely pcmanfm and lxappearance. lxpanel wasn't pretty enough... :P so I'm using tint2. It's an Arch setup with Openbox as my WM and startx as my DM. Oh, and I was using dwm until recently. So yes, I have a bit of a fixation with things that are light and fast, and it would be great if I could contribute to software to further that goal.

My programming experiences thus far consist mostly of hobby projects, my languages of choice being C++, Python, and (more recently) Javascript. One tiny open-source contribution I've made was a small bugfix to embroider. My hobby projects include a Scrabble AI (with Qt as UI), a raytracer (in C++ as well), and a stackoverflow scraping script. I've also tinkered with pygtk while writing a frontend to this script, so I think I've got the basics of UI programming down.

As for ideas.. well, I'm a bit lacking here. Actually, I'd like to find out a bit more about some of the ideas listed on the ideas page. The three that sound most promising are:
  1. Code cleanup and optimization -- I learnt a bit about optimization during my raytracer project last year, and it'd be great if I could use and further what I've learnt here.
  2. LX Benchmark -- likewise, I'd like to try my hand at profiling / optimization
  3. LXScreenshot -- I've had a look at the X11 library and writing a screenshot program doesn't seem too difficult. However.. what's wrong with the current offerings, e.g. scrot?
I'm personally quite satisfied with my desktop's functionality. Okay, it would be nice to add tiling functionality to Openbox, but I think that's outside the scope of LXDE.. right?

Alright, I hope to hear from you guys! At least let me know if I'm not the right fit for your project :P. If you want me to do any small tasks prior to the application itself, do let me know, I'm more than willing to attempt them (: