FYI: I added new set of config files into the jhbuild repo. These files operate with repositories with developer-writable URL.
jhbuild-dev-rc is the main script for this set of repositories.


On 20/03/14 02:24, PCMan wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2014 at 4:36 PM, Petr Vaněk <> wrote:
>> ehrm,
>> how is it expected to work, please?
> Detailed instructions here:
> Jhbuild creates a locally installed environment for ease of testing only.
> So, the programs are NOT installed to the system and will NOT
> overwrite the installed old versions.
> It's mainly a tool for the developers to test different branches or
> the latest code without screwing up your system.
> To really build and install the components, it's not the right tool.
>> It checkouts read-only working copy from github here. No cloning from
>> And mainly - url specified for is not an url of
>> "developer" checkout (unable to commit again).
> This can be fixed by changing one url in the config file.
> I haven't change it to yet. Fixing it is easy.
>> Should I take it as a read only tool for packagers/end users?
>> Just because I find to work with many independent repositories one by one as
>> a mission impossible ;)
>> Also how is that jhbuild "install" tree used in testing? I'd expect issued
>> with QSettings here (but maybe is this part reworked already) as QSettings
>> expected hardcoded path to /etc/... (different per distro).
> I guess it's in ./install/etc? Jhbuild does a local install.
>> So should I set all these env vars as in jhbuildrc + PATH + LD_LIBRARY_PATH
>> and then run xephyr (or something similar) with lxqt-session? Or is there
>> something easier?
> To run a locally installed DE:
> jhbuild -f jhbuildrc run install/bin/startlxde-qt
> To avoid typing -f jhbuildrc everytime, you can copy the file to
> ~/.config/jhbuildrc.
>> thanks,
>> petr
>> On 06/03/14 18:57, PCMan wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I just applied the patches provided by Veeti.
>>> Now the whole lxqt can be built with jhbuild.
>>> Please use the new jhbuild config files here.
>>> If you don't use jhbuild, everything still works as before and was not
>>> affected.
>>> Thank Veeti for the patches.
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