I would suggest that you kept them all for now, but donn't offer the choice in the main GUI. Make the default find, and then offer locate and Gio in a preferences dialog. I find three at once confusing.

On 30/06/12 15:10, Stephen Smally wrote:
Hi, i'm currently improving LxFind for the inclusion in Lubuntu 12.10 
and i have some doubts.
At the moment, LxFind offer the choice of 3 seach backend, the Find 
backend (using gnu find), the Locate backend (using locate) and the 
Native backend (using GLib/Gio, which is implemented in the source 
code). The Native backend wasn't very fast, but now i have maked it 
working asynchronously, and is very fast (anyway, when the directory 
tree to search in is too wide - e.g. / - it pop up Gio errors).
My doubt is: is this choice really useful? or Lxfind should just use the 
locate (or find) backend, which is much more tested and fast?


Stephen Smally

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