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Released ALT Linux 5.0.2 LXDE Remix - a lightweight OS based on ALT Linux P5 and LXDE.

This OS is developed by the independent team of developers, also active ALT Linux developers, namely Lenar Shakirov and Nickolay Grechuhin lead by Radik Usupov. Also Yury Kusryashov and Oleg Ivanov helped in development.

ALT Linux 5.0.2 LXDE Remix has two versions:
        * Standart - OS for generic users, includes LiveCD, which can also be installed on HDD, and rescue system;

        * Lite - lightweight OS on CD suitable for low-end office workstations with terminal function.

The goal of ALT Linux 5.0.2 LXDE Remix project is to create modern but not resource intensive OS with base set of programs for common tasks.

ALT Linux 5.0.2 LXDE Remix is compatible with ALT Linux 5.0 Ark Server and ALT Linux 5.0 School Server.

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