Thanks for your comments they were quite helpful.

PCMan wrote:
It's already reviewed,but not yet applied because some modifications
might be needed and the following issues need to be addressed.
The approch used in the patch is originally planned by me, too, but:

1. Simple and easily maintained.
2. Don't need additional config files
3. Compatible with current fd.o specs

1. Not flexible and user customization can be difficult
I thought we might be able to integrate the customization into lxappearance. Which would solve the difficult configuration issues.
2. Only a background image can be specified. Additional information,
such as whether to stretch the image or not, cannot be stored unless
you add some new keys to the directory file. This requires even more
modifications to the menu-cache libs.
I have further implemented the code to include the gnome background style options: centered, fill, scaled, zoom, and tiled. I left tiled as the default. The attached file is an interim difference patch that includes these changes.
3. This key-value is not useful to any other programs in LXDE. So, is
it worthy enough to change menu-cache API globally just for this
rarely used, lxlauncher-specific stuff? Get the path of the directory
file with menu-cache API, and read the file for X-background value
with GKeyFile in LXLauncher is more reasonable for API design, but
it's less efficient. menu-cache should be a general purpose lib, not a
lxde or lxlauncher specific one.
This is a difficult decision to make. It is hard to code this to accept all other themes and not create your own. just taking a look at Gnome and KDE I see that they have a different theme structure. It will be hard to be generic to multiple desktop themes. Maybe we could use X-LXDE-Background for lxde specific keys. Unless you can see another way of using XDG's specification to get the background file from the .directory.
4. If the user wants to change the image, he/she will need to copy the
directory file to his/her own home dir, and edit it, which is quite
complicated, requiring more disk space, and hard to maintain.
You don't need to copy it. they could have their own local file, and if chosen as a background would be symlinked to .local/share/backgrounds, for example.
So, I'll propose another approach described in my wiki post. In the
long run, this can be more preferable to lxlauncher and the whole LXDE
and also leave room for future user customization. Having a theme
definition file can also make it easy for artists to make their
lxlauncher themes.

The drawing code in the patch can be applied to svn, but for
X-Background stuff, there are issues I addressed in preceding lines.

BTW, using cairo means we can fully-utilize vector-based drawing to
paint the background. So that's why I want a more flexible theme
definition file. Otherwise, if we only need to paint a image file to
the background, smiple gdk + x11 without cairo can do it well and even

Any opinions?

On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 1:20 AM, Brent McCarthy <> wrote:

I have submitted a patch ID#2666710. The beginnings of some changes that
I have implemented to lxlauncher. the icon size and background can be
configured from the command line.

I have implemented further changes for the background configuration. I
have also implemented the drawing of the backgrounds in cairo. These
changes have not been sent in to the tracker yet. I was waiting for the
first patch to be tested.


PCMan wrote:
Here are some issues/brain storming of LXDE

About how to add background image support to LXLauncher, I have some
good ideas and I documented them in the wiki. ... ge_Support

This is an effect solution which is easy to implement. If you're a
developer who knows how to program with gtk+, maybe you can help this

Brain storming for other components:

These are only known issues and possible plans, not the final ones.
If anyone knows how to solve those issues or you can code for them,
please help us.

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