Gabriel thanks for your corrections.

The main difference between lxkb-config and lxkeymap is that lxkeymap is wrote in python what makes it consume more resources. The version that you see is quite immature in fact it is just the version 0.1 by the next two weeks I will be working on it.

TODO list:
- Add test box to try the layouts
- Upgrade the UI (not gtk 3 yet*)
- Upgrade system integration (add .desktop file to  the package)
- Add "model selection" functionality
- Add "options and shorcuts selection" functionality
- Complete the package documentation (I need help here!)

** I'm not going to take the application right now to gtk3 because the lxde desktop is not in GTK 3. But i will do it in the future.


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I just put side by side the newest version of lxkeymap and the lxkb-config and I didn't see any new things... And lxkeymap have a place "Type here to test your keyboard". Maybe I'm missing something??

If you don't want to let your software to be outdated, you soon will need to port it to gtk3.

By the way, I think the correct word at the bottom would be "accept", and not "acept".


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