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From: Andrej N. Gritsenko <>
Sent: Sunday, 17 August 2014, 23:42
Subject: Re: [Lxde-i18n] Request to help with details of a string in lxpanel


Kizito Birabwa has written on Sunday, 17 August, at 23:05:
>Could somebody help by giving some more detail on what this string at Locations:../data/ui/ is referring to please?


>I have failed to find it anywhere in my installation of lxpanel 0.6.2. Is it to do with width (e.g. full width, x%) or something else?

    It is the launchtaskbar mode: launchbar, taskbar, or combined. Thank
you for the notice, I've added a comment for it, it will be there after
next update of the template.

    The next release of lxpanel is going to happen shortly, it has quite
a lot updates and fixes, and also big plugin API changes.



    With best regards,

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