It was installed today (or yesterday - it's how you see the timezones). Can you help out a bit? :)
Please let me know what your nickname is on so that I can give you admin rights.

Kind regards,
Geoffrey De Belie

---- Aan Tue, 31 Jul 2012 14:37:39 +0200 Geoffrey De Belie<> schreef ----


Thanks for your reply!
It's worth considering and I will talk to the LXDE wiki FTP admin to perform the installation of AbuseFilter.
Once installed, I can give you the rights needed to add those filters. (I'm wiki admin on the LXDE wiki)

I'm already monitoring the recent changes with an RSS news feed. There are a few pages spam a day now, so it's a lot better already then it was (thanks to other extensions).

Kind regards,
Geoffrey De Belie (Smile4ever)

---- Aan Sun, 29 Jul 2012 03:08:15 +0200 Chris Watkins <> schreef ----

I use AbuseFilter (for MediaWiki) on Appropedia, and it's great. It's used on Wikipedia, so it's very stable. I mainly set it to only filter edits by anons and brand new editors, but I also give a warning/suggestion notice to anyone who blanks a page.

If someone installs it, and gives me rights to the AbuseFiter, I can add the filter code that is working well on Appropedia, and I'm available to help when new filters need to be added.

Ideally you'll also have someone with deletion rights to check every day or two. Monitoring Special:NewPages is also good because most spam comes as new pages.

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