#37 Dolphin's address bar (also Thunar's and Nautilus')

Enrique Sainz

Hello there,

I posted this FR at LXDE forum and now I post it here. The LXDE forum discussion:

The idea is to implement the address bar that is present on these three file managers (Dolphin, Nautilus and Thunar), which in my opinion is better than the plain text one, but (as maces suggested at LXDE forum) as an option to substitute the plain text one. I copy the explanation I posted there:

Instead of showing the address bar as plain text it is shown as a series of buttons, one for each directory that contains the one currently shown. For example, if PCManFM is showing the content of /usr/share/pcmanfm, the address bar would be a button labeled 'usr', another one labeled 'share' and the last one labeled 'pcmanfm'. If you click on a button it goes to the directory called that way, and the rest of the buttons (the ones on the right of that one) don't dissapear until you go into another directory inside the one you are now. That way you can go up several directories with a single click, which I prefer rather than clicking several times on the 'one directory up' button, and the same if you want to go back to the directory you were at. Also, if you click on the space at the right of the buttons they turn into the well-known plain text address bar, so you can edit it as always.

Finally, a link to the dolphin web page, where you can see some screenshots (note: what I've called address bar is called navigation bar in that page, I don't know the correct term): http://dolphin.kde.org/

Thank you for reading.