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#249 lxpanel 0.6.99 does not compile with gtk3

3 days ago
Freddy Willemsen

I like the idea of pcmanfm/libfm being tied in more closely to the lxde components, thus reducing code complexity.

However, using gtk3 for libfm means using --enable-gtk3 for lxpanel as well. That fails with the following error (using todays git versions of libfm and lxpanel):

make[4]: [netstatus_la-netstatus.lo] Error 1
Waiting for unfinished jobs....
netstatus-icon.c:29:29: fatal error: gtk/gtktooltips.h: No such file or directory
#include <gtk gtktooltips.h="">


  • Ticket moved from /p/lxde/bugs/637/

  • As a matter of fact, lxpanel was never ported to GTK3 so it currently cannot be compiled with --enable-gtk3, the attempt to port it was never finished since we abandoned GTK3 support. Feel free to ask someone interested in that porting to do it. We don't have spare time for that, I'm sorry.