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#239 LXPanel plugin request - active window controls & title

Doctor Jellyface


Maybe this should be two seperate requests, but I feel like they should be together.

Request reason (story):
I tried to ask if they existed on Ask Ubuntu (I use lubuntu), but no-one answered, I then asked in other sources, but I found out that these plug-ins do not exist.

Usage: especially on small screens, it would practically combine the top maximized window bar with the system tray/indicators, thus cleaning the bottom panel without using additional screen space.

Plug-in 1 - Window controls:

-only show when there is an active window
-three (or possibly more, based on user settings) buttons that would control the active window - Close, Iconify & Maximize
-settings for buttons skining

Plug-in 2 - Window title:

Summary :
-show active window title
-if there isn't any active window, show "LXDE Desktop", or any other text based on user settings, or nothing
-settings for font, alignment(, stretching)



  • Note: these plug-ins would have to be used with a program like maximus to function properly.

  • Note2: The plug-in "Window controls" should only show up if the active window is maximized.

  • Henry Gebhardt
    Henry Gebhardt

    Thanks, I like the idea of saving screen estate. Unfortunately we are short on man-power, so this could take a while.

  • Thanks! I was hoping someone would accidentaly bump on this.

    And no matter how long it will take, I will be here :)

    I would try to code it myself, but I've got my hands full with another project, and I only know C#.

    Thanks again.

  • Hello again. I just want to ask whether you haven't forgot about this. It's been 3 months now.