#658 Not transparent system tray icon on LXDE

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  • I cannot reproduce your issue, neither with lxpanel version 0.5.10, nor current GIT. Tested ownCloud client version 1.5.0 on Debian stable. See the attached image screenshot. Thanks.

  • May be that is an issue with the version in your experimental ubuntu repository. I have no idea. I tried it on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (it have ownCloud client version 1.5.0) as well and I got no issues with the icon background. I'm sorry. Test the owncloud-client package from the supported version of Ubuntu (14.04 LTS) first, please.

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  • Well, that may mean one of two things:
    1) it is a bug in newer version of owncloud-client;
    2) it is a problem of Qt5 build in experimental ubuntu.
    You did it right that you opened a bug at launchpad so they should find it. Write result of your test there, please, it would help the ubuntu team to fix the issue. It would be good to write it for owncloud-client issue as well as it may be their bug. Anyway, it is not a lxpanel bug as you can see. Thanks.