#304 lxappearance 0.5: can't set root only style.

Sérgio Cipolla

With the old version we could set different GTK and icon themes for normal users and for root by opening lxappearance as root and setting up the themes for the root user. Now when opening lxappearance as root it behaves as if it opened by the normal user and edits ~/.config/lxsession/LXDE/desktop.conf for the logged user, not for root.
Now something very strange for me that don't know much about the command line: when opened as root, lxappearance edits the above cited file and sets its ownership to root then when opening lxappearance as the logged normal user, it again edits that file (if the settings are changed, of course) and sets back the ownership of the file.

I think all this has to do with lxappearance only working within lxsession now.


  • Ok, maybe it isn't a bug, but just a feature that isn't there anymore.

  • I think this is fixed.
    If compiled without dbus support it works outside of lxsession and can set theming for the root user.

    • status: open --> closed