#157 Folder contents not updating

lxinput (9)

Distro is Debian 503 using LXDE. Problem is that multiple files saved to a folder (in sequence, not as a batch) are not updating in realtime. App used was Iceweasel browser. Action was as follows: downloaded around three dozen large photos of jet aircraft, one at a time, in quick succession. The images saved successfully to a folder on the desktop but did not always show up in realtime in the open folder window. In order to find the phantom images, I'd have to either close the folder window and re-open or, hit the "sort order" arrows a few times at top of window (date, size or whatever) a few times for the downloaded files to appear.


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  • This issue has nothing to do with lxinput but I really believe this issue is completely fixed in latest versions of the program you used. Check it and if something still is wrong then leave a comment, please, so we can try to help you. Thank you very much.