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LVProg / News: Recent posts

Gentoo ebuild in sunrise overlay

Hi, the gentoo ebuild for lvprog will be available in gentoo sunrise overlay soon. More information on: http://overlays.gentoo.org/proj/sunrise

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2009-04-16

Changed program name.

Hi, today I changed "LVProg" to "lvprog" to have a more consitent naming.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2009-04-15

Version 0.1.1 beta released

Hi, today I released version 0.1.1 some minor enhancements. Besides QT 4.3 is needed not 4.2, as mentioned in ebuild for version 0.1.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-11-03

Version 0.1 beta released

Hi, today I finished the syncinc, programming and verifying methods.

The first beta version is able to program a rom file into an vinculum device.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-11-01

Current state

Hi, currently I am waiting for my vinculum devices for further programming and testing.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-10-08

Initial news


The GUI is complete now I will keep on with the programming part.

Posted by Wilfried Holzke 2007-09-30