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rel 0.8.9, VC2005 dlls properly installed, some new features

Release 0.8.9, May 18th 2009

Making this release was triggered as I noticed that the program did not start on a machine that did not have the MSVC runtime properly installed. I thought that having the runtime DLL's and theri manifest in the application folder was working, but I had apparently not tested with a virgin enough machine.
Happy profiling everyone.

- Properly instal MSVC runtime (the program has probably not worked before for people without the MSVC 2005 SP1 runtime installed)
- sort threads by CPU time used in toolbar thread selection list
- debug info loading log line in red colour if debug info was not found for a module
- display number of sampled top-level functions correctly after loading sample data from a file
- detect if the profiled program exits immediately (it's probably missing a DLL or something)

Posted by Sami Sallinen 2009-05-18