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Some source files missed

  • hovercrfat-sf

    Thank you very much for such an interesting project. The problem: I was unable to build it from source because source tarball (and svn source as well) lacks important files: ProcessEnumDialog.h and ProcessEnumDialog.cpp. Give please a hint where can I obtain them?

  • Sami Sallinen
    Sami Sallinen

    Hi I'm sorrry I did not notice this until now.

    My bad, I had forgotten to add them to SVN.

    I committed my current version of them now.
    They probably will not compile as-is as I am working on adding 64-bit support to the program.
    I am on the road for the next few days but will try to get enough quality time with my computer next week to be able to commit the 64-bit supported version.