#26 mounting an lufs with NFS?

Timothee Besset

I have tried without success to mount over NFS an lufs
directory. Have you been able to do this? Is there a
reason why this doesn't work?

I have a server machine, running some lufs mounts

I have a client machine, on which I use NFS to try to
access the lufs mounts.

If I try to mount on the client, I get a "permission
denied" on the client's end, and a simple "mountd:
attempted mount from <client ip>" without any error message

I can mount a directory above the lufs without trouble,
but if I cd to the lufs area, things stop working. I
see the root of the mounted directory, and I don't see
anything below it.
i.e. if dir.ftpfs/ is the mounted dir, I see dir.ftpfs/
content, but I can't go below

Mounting through SMB works, but samba has some very
annoying behaviours like accessing the dir every few
seconds even with no activity. Bad performance because
it intermiggles with actual usage (specially on slow fs
like ftp)