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How to stop transfer .luckybackup-snaphots

  • Ben P.P. Tung
    Ben P.P. Tung

    I use luckyBackup to replace rsync to transfer files to server, but recently,
    I've noticed there is a directory named .luckybackup-snaphots stored in the
    destination directory.

    How can I stop creating the directory in the destination?

  • Ben P.P. Tung
    Ben P.P. Tung

    Also, I suggest to remove the feature --- luckybackup-snaphots, or at least
    tell the user what has changed in his rsync backup.

    1. This will cause security hole, if the user use luckyBackup to deploy web application.

    2. Since this is backup, should only backup what want to backup. luckyBackup add additional file in the backup.

    I like luckyBackup, and believe it is a great tool to add value on rsync.

  • Hi Ben,

    the .luckybackup-snapshots directory is only created when the user declares
    more than 1 "snapshots to keep" at the "task properties" dialog.

    Normally if this value is 1 then:
    1. A .luckybackup-snapshots dir should not be created
    2. A .luckybackup-snapshots dir should be deleted if the option "delete files on the destination" is checked

    There is really lots of requests about the "snapshots" feature and I've put a
    lot of effort to make it happen.
    I'm kindof surprised that you ask for its removal :(
    It seems that I cannot keep everybody happy at the same time and please excuse
    me if I caused you trouble.

    Anyway, the app should behave exactly the same as before if the user does not
    fiddle at all with the snapshot feature.
    If this is not true at your case please let me know...