how to find Release Notes

  • arlener

    How can I find Release Notes for Lubi, UNetbootin.
    I found where to download Lubi and the recommendation there is to read the Release Notes before downloading but where are the Release Notes?
    Maybe you can tell me what I need to Download.

    I have a 433 Mhz Dell Celeron/MMX, with 127 mg RAM (128 but I think 1 is used by PCI modem card or video card). That's what shows on Norton's Checkit Diagnostics.
    I have 40 GB hardisk space with less that 5 Gb used by Windows 98 SE that I am running now. The person I bought it from said it is a Pentium I but the 433 Mhz makes it  faster, about Pentium 1.5.
    I want to install to my hardisk, dual boot, and I don't care about running live CD.
    I need to run OpenOffice 2.0 so I am compatible with Word and Excel through email with the rest of the world. I can add this later, providing that it will run.
    I would prefer to install directly to my hardisk without having to burn a CD.

    Thank you in advance for your help.