Version 0.1.5 and Bootcamp 3.1

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  • Davide Ramo
    Davide Ramo

    Hi all,

    I've recently upgraded my bootcamp partition with Windows 7
    64bit and I've installed Snow Leopard bootcamp drivers (ver.
    Testing my application on such configuration I've noticed
    that the fan control program works fine also with
    bootcamp.exe process running (bootcamp driver that manages
    special keys), so no more special keys problems!

    I'd like to know your experience with different configurations.

    Voluntaries can perform following operations and reply to this post to share

    1) Install/upgrade bootcamp drivers to 3.1 version
    2) Start Lubbo's Fan Control program
    3) Let the program kill the incompatible processes
    4) Wait the fan control updates the fans speeds (some grey points must appear
    in the bottom left part of the window)
    5) Restart bootcamp.exe program (somewhere in C:\Program Files\Bootcamp ... I
    don't remember at the moment ... sorry ... try to search for bootcamp.exe)

    At this point (if it works as for me) you should have fan control and special
    key working (LCD brighness, audio volume etc).

    Don't forget to reply to share your configuration (Windows version 32/64 bit,
    Mac version) and your experience!

    Thanks to all.


  • peterj

    Hi Davide, I'm still running Bootcamp 2.x on Windows7 with a desktop icon
    linking to a batch file that calls CMD version of FanControl 0.1.4. Everytime
    I boot my machine I double click the icon, then click ok to allow admin
    program. It's a lot of keysrokes but works well. If other report that the GUI
    version can co-exist with Bootcamp 3.x then I'll upgrade to Snow Leopard and
    FanControl 0.1.5!

  • Davide Ramo
    Davide Ramo

    You can try installing BootCamp 3.x driver in Win without installing Snow
    Leopard ...
    ... for sure you need the Snow Leopard DVD but try first on Win side before
    upgrading also OSX (if it wasn't already in your projects) ...
    I'm waiting too because there are still some apps I use in Leopard which don't
    work in Snow Leopard ...

  • peterj

    BTW I'd be happy to try FanControl 0.1.6 with Bootcamp 3.x drivers on Windows7
    32bit, if someone can point me to the 3.x drivers... is upgrading to Snow
    Leopard the only way to get them?

  • peterj

    Hi Davide, I went out bought Snow Leopard just for the BC3.0, ran the BC3.1
    update, installed fan control 0.1.7 and yes, it works on Win7 32 bit! Now for
    the feature requests:
    1. Hide the everything in the GUI related to "Right Fan" for systems with just one (left) fan.
    2. Rename "Restore" as "Open" and make it the default action when double clicking the fancontrol icon in the system tray (right now I have to right-click and select "Restore" to open the GUI.
    3. If fancontrol can co-exist with BC3.1, do we still need to kill the bootcamp process before launching fancontrol? If no let's make it optional to detect and kill.

  • peterj

    Ooops, just remembered I can do item 1 above by setting numberOfFans=1 in
    FanControl.ini... please ignore item 1 but consider items 2 and 3.

  • peterj

    Ooops again, just realised I can do item 3 by creating a shortcut with the
    "-nokill" parameter ;-) I have however found a bug in the GUI item 2 is still
    a vald feature request:

    Bug 1. If I manually set numberOfFans=1 in FanControl.ini, but then use the
    GUI to change the left fan speed thresholds and click "Apply", then the right
    fans pop up again in the GUI and in the .ini numberOfFans goes back to the
    default value of 2.

    You have the basis of a great app here that every Windows on MacBook user
    should buy! It just needs some work on the GUI to make it more user friendly!

  • Davide Ramo
    Davide Ramo

    To hide unused fans you should select your Mac model from "Model" combo box,
    or if your model is not listed, try one with the same configuration. The combo
    is used to set number of fans and which GPU should be used (integrated, NVidia
    or none).

    I fix icon tasklist behaviour asap.

    Thanks for your feedback!


  • peterj

    Hi Davide,

    Thanks for fixing the system tray icon action in version 0.1.8! It works fine
    for me now. A minor nagging point is that when the GUI is open the icon
    disappears from the system tray, while icons for Bootcamp, Bluetooth, Battery,
    etc all stay in the system tray while their GUI is open.

    I have a late 2009 MacBook Pro Unibody with NVIDIA 9400M GPU, but after
    experimenting with the options in the pulldown in the FanControl GUI, the only
    match that works is "Macbook Air". Two solutions I see in the GUI: either list
    all the MacBook models including year of release (cumbersome) or directly
    allow user to manually set number of fans and number of GPUs.

    The GUI issues above don't affect performance, just usability for regular
    users in case you offer this software commercially, which I think you should!
    :-D It's a must have for anyone running Windows on MacBook!

  • peterj

    Hi Davide, I'm running 0.1.9 now and the persistent system tray icon is
    working nicely, although I notice that the (green) system tray icon is
    different to the (grey) application icon in the taskbar when the GUI is open.
    The GUI window itself has always been missing a title in the title bar.

    The revised model list showing number of fans is a step in the right
    direction, but the suggested models (i.e. MacBook xyz...) isn't always right.
    My machine requires the last model in the list to be selected ("i.e. MacBook
    or MacBook Air") although my machine is actually a 15" MacBook Pro Unibody
    (late 2009).

    The wiki below shows a summary of models but is already out of date, since the
    2009 hardware revision to my model added SD Card slot and LED backlight, but I
    think also reduced the number of fans from two to one compared to the 2008

    As I said before this doesn't affect performance of your app, just usability
    for newbies who may not know how many fans in their system. Keep up the good
    work! :-D

  • Paul Caldwell
    Paul Caldwell

    I am running a 17" unibody, with windows 7 64 bit professional on the OSX side
    10.6.2. How do you check which version of bootcamp drivers you have running? I
    am assuming I have either 3.0 or 3.1

    Paul Caldwell

  • peterj

    Hi Paul, if Bootcamp is running you just right-click the Bootcamp icon in the
    system tray and the "About" screen will tell you. My 10.6 Snow Leopard DVD
    came with Bootcamp 3.0 which I had to install first before I could install the
    3.1 upgrade available at

  • Paul Caldwell
    Paul Caldwell

    Thanks Peter,
    I was on 3.0, and will upgrade. Have you installed Lubbos on your machine, and
    did it install clean. I read his post at the top of this column and it seems
    that you can re install the bootcamp.exe after you install the fan control.
    It's definately still a problem with the new uni's (windows not being able to
    control the fans) just like with the older 17" machines. I had used input
    remapper with no problems on 10.4 for 3 years now, but from what I can tell it
    doesn't have any 64 bit support.

    Paul Caldwell

  • peterj

    Hi Paul, LubbosFanControl works like a dream come true on my Win7 32 bit 15"
    MacBook Pro Unibody. I bought my first MacBook in 2008 but sold it 6 weeks
    later because there was no solution to the fan issue under Windows at the
    time. After noticing this app on sourceforge late last year I went out and
    bought a new MacBook and it was good timing because I got double the memory,
    an SD card slot and working fans :-D

    I believe you can leave out steps 3 and 5 in the instructions at top, since
    FanControl and BootCamp can co-exist perfectly on my 32 bit and Davide's 64
    bit setups. The only trick is that you need to launch FanControl from a
    shortcut that includes the "-nokill" parameter so that it doesn't kill
    BootCamp. I put that shortcut in my Startup folder so that every time I boot
    FanControl and BootCamp both start up perfectly.

    FYI The one other app I can't live without when running Windows on MacBook is
    remapkey.exe - an old Microsoft utility on that lets me swap the
    Delete/Backspace key functionality. The way I work Delete is mor useful than
    the default Backspace action. You only need to run remapkey once and the
    change stays in the registry, but not sure if it works on 64 bit.

  • Paul Caldwell
    Paul Caldwell

    Peter, thanks for the info. Can you elaborate on the nokill parameter? How do
    you create the shortcut for FanControl with the nokill


  • Paul Caldwell
    Paul Caldwell

    I still am having problems with the software. I have download what I believe
    is the latest version, 0.1.9. I am running Bootcamp 3.1 under OSX 10.6.2. I
    have win 7 64bit professional installed. When I run the exe for Lubbos, I get
    this error, "It was not possible to load the IO driver. Retry?" If I hit OK,
    the software comes up with the control panel, but if I make any changes,
    nothing happens to the fans. Also the software doesn't load into machine under
    program files. I tried installing it both with bootcamp running and with
    bootcamp service turned off.

    Any ideas?


  • peterj

    After you create the shortcut, right-click, select Properties and add the word
    " -nokill" after where it says ".exe" in the target field.

    As for the 64 bit driver issue, I'll let Davide respond...

  • Davide Ramo
    Davide Ramo


    First, thanks Peter for support! I'm not so quick responding ... sorry.
    Second, for Paul, do you run the program with Administrator's rights?
    In any case, the program have not installation script but you should
    copy/unzip all files into a directory (where you want,) and run the program
    from there.
    The program installs the drivers the first time is ran (with admin rights).
    When the error "It was not possible to load the IO driver. .... Retry?" is
    raised, is better to say NO and try restarting the program, but this should
    only happen when you run the program without admin rights.

    Let me know


  • Shao

    The fan ver 0.1.9 works like a charm on my win7 64 bit. Don't need to kill
    bootcamp anymore =)

  • Paul Caldwell
    Paul Caldwell


    Thanks so much for the follow up. You were correct, I was not running it with
    admin rights. I re-ran it with admin rights and it works perfectly. This is
    great!!!. I greatly appreciate your support and time to code the program. And
    also thanks to Peter for your help.
    It's great to hear the fans running now like they should be.

    Still amazes me that Mac can't do this, it's obvous that they can, but choose
    not to.

    Paul Caldwell

  • Jens Segers
    Jens Segers

    I had a problem on my macbook pro 13" unibody. The GPU temperature was showing
    90° when I selected my model.

    I changed the config file like this:

    And now it shows the correct temperature.

  • Jens Segers
    Jens Segers

    I'm now using the 1.9 version on my 32 bit windows 7 with bootcamp 3.1. On
    startup I selected not to kill the bootcamp.exe file. When I open up my
    taskmanager I see bootcamp.exe reaching up to 50% every 5 seconds.

    Are you aware of this or is this what I have to cope with for running the fan
    control and bootcamp.exe at the same time?

  • peterj

    Hi Davide - Jens' fix for NVIDIA CPU temp on 13" MacBook Pro 2009 works on my
    15" as well. We need a 5th option in the pulldown list with the description "1
    Fan (Left) - 1 GPU (NVIDIA) - i.e. MacBook Pro Unibody (mid-2009)". It's clear
    that the mid-2009 models are substantially different to the late-2008 and
    earlier models. i.e. 1 CPU fan and integrated NVIDIA GPU.

    Hi Jens - I've been running FanControl and BootCamp simultaneously for a week
    now and not having any performance problems. I tried opening the TaskManager
    just now and I see BootCamp flick between 0 and a number between 1 and 50
    every few seconds, but it doesn't actually impact performance. BootCamp is
    constantly monitoring every function key for a key press so it's not
    surprising that it's ever present, but I suspect the 50% load may only be for
    milliseconds each time it's active. Are you actually suffering performance
    issue or just curious about TaskManager?

  • Jens Segers
    Jens Segers

    It's the fan control that is causing the 50% load of bootcamp.exe. When I shut
    down fan control bootcamp.exe goes to 0% :)

    I noticed this because my 13" MBP was staying noticeably hotter and the fan
    was running at higher speed then it used to when I had the older version with
    bootcamp.exe killed.

  • Terry

    Hi everyone. Can someone explain to me what the max and min values do? The
    ones above the fans rpm.

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