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Found lost binaries/headers

Found some lost binaries & headers from releases in 6 months of lost SVN data. Posted just for completeness.

Posted by schoenborno 2011-07-12

6 months SVN history lost

I getting the name of the project changed, I lost about 5 months of SVN history, ie release 34 to 52 roughly (Jan - May). Luckily I have the latest source, but basically the two major revisions that I had during Feb and March are lost. Oh well. My fault for not backing up before doing the project rename (though I must say, strange that Sourceforge folks who executed the rename did not do this -- but hey it's free!)

Posted by schoenborno 2011-06-17

Final name

Turns out elua and luaxx already taken, though not in sourceforge. And upon thinking about it, using luacxx (which was available) was not great either since Lua bindings are typically of that pattern "lua" + language. But now I think I finally found a name that is descriptive of the library, easy to pronounce, yet will be easy to search for: lua_icxx (i is for interpreter, cxx for C++). Pronounce "lua" -- "ix".

Posted by schoenborno 2011-05-18

Interpreter packaged

Have packaged the interpreter, since have started using tolua++, which doesnt' come with nice C++ interface for embedding interpreter.

Posted by schoenborno 2007-03-19