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#1 82562EM on mother board no eprom socket


We have a POS application which uses a server and
mirror computer runnning Caldera Linux. Diskless work
stations boot from the kernel using "bpbatch". This
package requires that the NIC driver be statically
linked to the kernel.

Our latest shipment of equipment, MSI Slim PCs model
MS-6215 have switched to the Intel 815 chip set and we
are unable to find a statically linkable driver for the
82562EM NIC chip. We use the Intel loadable driver
module for the server and mirror.

The mother board does not appear to have a socket for a
boot eprom, but the bios does allow booting from a
network. It will in fact boot its kernel but
everything dies when there are no network devices to
mount the root file system.

Is it possible to use your product with the bios
network booting capabilities of this machine. If so,
are there any examples of how the loadable drivers can
be used before the root file system is mounted.

We will greatly appreciate any help which you are able
to give.



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    this is used to make boot disks for various network adapters,
    maybe yours is there. With the bootdisk, it will connect to
    the bootp protocol