The Linux Test Project March Release Announcement

The Linux Test Project test suite <> has been released. The latest version of the testsuite

contains 2900+ tests for the Linux OS. Our web site also contains other information such as:

- A Linux test tools matrix
- Technical papers
- How To's on Linux testing
- Code coverage analysis tool.

We encourage the community to post results to, and patches, new tests, or comments/questions to

See ChangeLog Below

-make sure people dont try and patch the generated file

-use POSIX redirection as pointed out by Will Newton

-A fix for bug #29491. Made more robust for use with the use of initgroups

-Fix for Bug no. [ 1671695 ] "Check return codes everywhere" as pointed out by "Markus Elfring"

-Helge Deller writes: use TST_SIZE rather than sizeof(palfa) as sizeof() evaluates to 27 (+1 for the NUL byte)

-A fix for Bug #31162. Passes the correct address location to the mincore call.

-remove silly reliance on -DLINUX
Makefile, data_space.c, stack_space.c

-Changes for Jan and Feb

sysfs01.c, sysfs02.c, sysfs03.c, sysfs04.c, sysfs05.c, sysfs06.c

-Riaz Rahaman writes: make sure the call to malloc() worked

-Fix for Bug No. 1427780 (link07 fails) as pointed out correctly by 'Patrick Wyzorski'
tst_tmpdir.c, link07.c

-A fix for Bug 29304. The test has been adjusted to handle PPC. Also in file07 a change was made to check for "tar archive" instead of "GNU tar archive" because sometimes a "POSIX tar archive" is created.

-Helge Deller writes: rename parisc to hppa and add tee/vmsplice/splice syscall numbers, linux_syscall_numbers.h, order,

-A patch by Ricardo Salveti De Araujo that corrects the problem of a dhcpd test failsing when the eth0 device is not used

-overhaul test case completely and make sure we reset errno as pointed out by Riaz Rahaman

-Removing the size of negative 1 test. This fixes bug # 28825
hugeshmget02.c, shmget02.c

-A patch submitted by Raghuveer Raghavendra to fix the problem of a Child process is waiting for the SIGTERM signal.

-Henry Yei writes: Adds malloc check and frees memory during cleanup

-cleanup tests, revert nanosleep() workaround for broken kernels, and fix time comparison as pointed out by Helge Deller
gettimeofday01.c, gettimeofday02.c

-fixup /proc/sys/kernel/sem so it works properly as pointed out by Henry Yei

-Carmelo AMOROSO writes: &bad_addr is passed to sysfs when in reality we want to pass bad_addr

-Helge Deller writes: add support for hppa
Makefile, shmt02.c, shmt04.c, shmt05.c, shmt06.c, shmt07.c, shmt09.c

-Helge Deller writes: use __builtin_return_address(0) rather than "main" to avoid arch-specific details

-cleanup code
shmt02.c, shmt03.c, shmt04.c, shmt05.c, shmt06.c, shmt07.c, shmt08.c, shmt09.c, shmt10.c, semop01.c

Posted by mreed 2007-03-31