You may also provide a command line option for the user to be able to specify the test path. And then check if this path is on a ext4 file system or not. And if there is no path provided, the default behavior may be to look for a ext4 partition, create a temp directory and execute your test in it; as Subrata has suggested.

Amit Arora

Subrata Modak <>

12/26/07 12:36 PM
Please respond to

cc, Amit K Arora/India/IBM@IBMIN
Re: [LTP] LTP tests for fallocate

On Tue, 2007-12-25 at 01:17 +0530, Sharyathi Nagesh wrote:
> Hi
>    I am attaching a test cases written for testing fallocate() system
> call. Please go through the tests and let us know of your opinion.
>    A few points I wanted to put forth.
> o It needs to be executed from a folder that has EXT4 partition.
>                  else it will come out with error

Ok, why donīt we/you search for the EXT4 file system before starting
testing from inside your test case (in this from each of the 3 test
cases) to find out the existence of EXT4 file system, if any in that
system. Run the tests only if it exists, else exit with appropriate
message. Moreover, try to create a temp directory in that file system,
if at all it exists, and then go ahead with the test.
And Also the Makefile for this? Send me a Patch which would add up all
the test cases as well as the Makefile for them, after all the issues
are resolved


> o __NR_FALLOCATE needs to be declared under                  
>                      include/linux_syscall_numbers.h
> Some of the architecture specific values:
> x86                                   324
> x86_64                                   324
> ia64                                  1303
> s390                                  314
> Thanks
> Yeehaw
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