I agree with your change of comments. Another bonus would be if you could add something like
        //block1: Testing to successful situation with all parms correct
        //block2: Let's pass -1 length and see if we get EYOURSTUPID
        //block3: Try passing array with other improper stuff and see if we get EWTF

        You get the idea, actually errnos may varry.
        Typically for source you would either post a patch (diff -u write01.c.old write01.c.new) to this mailing list or you can use the ltp.sourceforge.net webpage to submit one.
        I assume you're subrscibed to the mailing list so you'll get feedback from people on that with comments on the patch or the magic and especially warm fuzzy inducing "FYI Included in CVS" response which we all look forward to.

Jay Huie
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Please respond to Shaobo Li <sli@Sanera.net>

To:        William Jay Huie/Poughkeepsie/IBM@IBMUS
Subject:        Re: [LTP] writev01

there are only 8 testcases. Because last two wr_iovec[] are setup as NULL,
they are designated for testcase 7. We should only change the comment line of

/* testcase# 9 */
/* testcase# 10 */

to be

/* testcase# 7 */

I'd like to do some cleanups for test program. Any way I'm working on
Linux MIPS testing now. Let me know how this source code management


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>To: Shaobo Li <sli@Sanera.net>
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>Subject: Re: [LTP] writev01
>From: "William Jay Huie" <wjhuie@us.ibm.com>
>Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 10:31:44 -0400
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>Seems to me that you are right.
>        I'm also looking at the testcase and trying to count everything
>up. It's not well documented as to what it's trying to do and what it's
>expecting in error though. There's also only 5 members of exp_enos[] and
>it' seems to be running 10 testcases based on wr_iovec[]. But there's only
>8 block#: statements.
>        Shaobo, feel up to doing a little cleanups? :)
>        j
>Jay Huie
>  wjhuie@us.ibm.com
>  zSeries Linux System Test
>  Phone: 845-435-8164
>Please respond to Shaobo Li <sli@Sanera.net>
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>To:     ltp-list@lists.sourceforge.net
>Subject:        [LTP] writev01
>I test writev01 on mips. Looks like there is a bug in program writev01.c.
>May someone please confirm.
>version: ltp-20020607
>file: ltp-20020607/testcases/kernel/syscalls/writev/writev01.c
>line 386:
>if ((ret = writev(fd[0], (wr_iovec + 12), 5)) != CHUNK) {
>should be:
>if ((ret = writev(fd[0], (wr_iovec + 12), 4)) != CHUNK) {
>since '5' exceeds the wr_iovec limite.
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