I'm trying to instrument a driver module w/ GCOV in a 2.6.5 kernel. I downloaded and applied the latest linux-2.6.5-gcov.patch and I'm using lcov 1.3. I loaded the gcov-proc module and the correct /proc/gcov virtual filesystem was created.

The problem I'm having is that although my driver module is built w/ the necessary GCOV_FLAGS and the *.bb and *.bbg files are generated, when I try to load my driver, no /proc/gcov/module/<module_path...> is generated! To be more specific the "module" directory does not get created. Therefore no *.da files.

The gcc version I'm using is 3.3.3, and module-init-tools version 3.0-pre10.

This is my GCOV related configuration:


    # CONFIG_GCOV_ALL is not set


By the way, I've done the same thing on a 2.4.21 kernel with success.

Also, I tried the process w/ a 2.6.2 kernel and patch, the same as above gcc and module-init-tools, however in this case when trying to run lcov, gcov complained that the *.da files were corrupted! 

Any help will be appreciated.