When lcov was executed it shows:

    einstein@linux:~> lcov -c -d vlc-bootstrap/src/misc -o vlc_src_misc.info
    Capturing coverage data from vlc-bootstrap/src/misc
    Found gcov version: 4.0.2
    Scanning vlc-bootstrap/src/misc for .gcda files ...
    Found 21 data files in vlc-bootstrap/src/misc
    Processing vlc-bootstrap/src/misc/lib_libvlc_a-net.gcda
    src/misc/net.c:cannot open source file
    ./include/variables.h:cannot open source file
    ./include/vlc_common.h:cannot open source file
    ERROR: could not read source file                                   

but there is no directory include in the directory misc searched. Where lcov find the information to look at directories? How can I solve this problem?

Thanks for attention

Einstein Junior

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