Rum.or N*e'w's,:
Onco* M e*d+. I*n_c,. (O*TC: ON.CO) a Ca*ncer Tr,,eatment So'lut*ions Gro'up is s+a-i.d to h a_v,e
exper,ie.nced o_v'e-r a 1,000% i* ncrease in rev,*enues f-o r t-h+e f,iscal 3,r-d quarte.r endin g J,u_l*y',
2_0-0 7 c+om'pared w i-t_h t'h.e pri*or y_e'a,r whi*le fisca-l fo'urth quarte'r resu*lts f-o r 2+0-0-7 a_r'e on
trac*k to ex*ceed t'h.i-s y+earís t-hird qua rter r.esults.
O-N.C'O ad.d-itionally plan's to inc reas-e serv*ice o,ff,erings wh_ich a+r*e cu,r+rently u nde+rway.
Doní,t w a_i+t f.o.r t h_e n'e+w's to c'o,m_e o_u+t a,n-d l,o+s*e t,h*e opportu.nit-y to g'e't in fr-ont of the
genera+l in,ve,sting public'. O+nc+ology M-e*d is in a multibill'i+on d.ollar ind+ustr,y w h_e*r.e
t-h.e y a.r,e gai'ning ma rket sha're rapidl*y.
C.a+l'l y-o.u.r b-roker n_o.w f o+r O.N_C+O-.