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[f307d5] by nstraz nstraz

Add pan and associated files. This is a lightweight test harness. It works a
lot like did, but it is more powerful. See the man page for

2000-09-14 21:54:44 Tree
[90696f] by nstraz nstraz

Added descriptions for all tests in comments after the command line.

2000-09-13 20:44:38 Tree
[4fdee5] by nstraz nstraz

Cleaned up the includes and fixed the exit status so it should work in a
framework now.

2000-09-08 16:26:52 Tree
[7885c2] by alaffin alaffin

Add a fix from Egor Duda <> to fix a fd close issue in cleanup
of fpathconf01 and select01.

2000-09-08 15:56:25 Tree
[7357bc] by nstraz nstraz

This is a test from Ulrich Drepper that was on LKML. It tests handling of LDT
during a fork(). See the comments for Ulrich's email.

2000-09-08 15:48:17 Tree
[fbfce0] by alaffin alaffin

Add ChangeLog.

2000-09-08 15:12:21 Tree
[6d2a43] by alaffin alaffin

Add simple test for correct handling of the pentium f00f bug.

2000-09-08 15:04:19 Tree
[5cba44] by alaffin alaffin

Patch fcntl09.c and fcntl10.c with a patch from
Andrea Arcangeli <>. It was improperly using F_SETLK.

2000-09-08 15:00:15 Tree
[3c8699] by alaffin alaffin

Update tst_sig.c to use tst_setup_signal() to setup signals than
varying versions of signal().

Change "Linux Torvalds" to "Linus Torvalds" in CREDITS.

2000-09-07 14:34:44 Tree
[829b40] by nstraz nstraz

- lib/parse_opts.c (parse_opts): Initialize allocated string to prevent heap
corruption. - Egor Duda <>
- Cleaned up some comments in usctest.h

2000-09-06 14:33:29 Tree
[77b0a5] by alaffin alaffin

Fix uninitialized fd bug.

2000-09-04 17:25:22 Tree
[48f115] by alaffin alaffin

*** empty log message ***

2000-08-31 21:31:08 Tree
[6a9188] by nstraz nstraz

Cleaned out unused defines

2000-08-31 19:20:35 Tree
[def354] by nstraz nstraz

Finished updating parse_opts man page, made sure everything is in sync, and removed the rest of mc_getopt.

2000-08-31 18:40:28 Tree
[b41856] by nstraz nstraz

Did some work to update the parse_opts(3) man page. Still more to do...

2000-08-30 21:56:48 Tree
[941810] by nstraz nstraz

- Removed mc_getopt.c and used getopt() instead. user defined help is now
passed into parse_opts(). Related changes to all tests.
- Fixed prototype issues and code cleanup on all tests. cc -Wall now produces
no warnings on Linux.

2000-08-30 18:43:38 Tree
[ad4c5f] by alaffin alaffin

Update runalltests to correctly report PASS/FAIL of the driver.

2000-08-23 21:09:27 Tree
[802d3e] by alaffin alaffin

Adding a simple runtime framework: runtest

2000-08-23 20:04:23 Tree
[198500] by alaffin alaffin

New Readme.

2000-08-21 22:18:17 Tree
[090ed0] by nstraz nstraz

Here are 92 tests and 2 new library functions.

2000-08-04 20:48:22 Tree
[81a906] by alaffin alaffin

Sync the test codes with SGI internal ptools.

2000-07-31 22:41:24 Tree
[489cc7] by alaffin alaffin

Updating forker to match SGI internal ptools version.

2000-07-31 21:51:51 Tree
[8bb5ea] by alaffin alaffin

Updated the mc_getopt routine files with GPL headers. Oops, we missed
a couple.

2000-07-30 19:34:14 Tree
[006578] by alaffin alaffin

Adding some new tests.

2000-07-27 17:26:25 Tree
[cc2e55] by alaffin alaffin

New additions:
- tst_ library code.
- new quickhit tests
- more general code cleanup

2000-07-27 17:13:18 Tree
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