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Testcase to test cpu consolidation feature of power management: Testcase Description: When sched_mc_power_saving is set to 1 and when number of threads running in the system is less then or equal to number of cores in the package, all the threads should be running in cores belonging to one package. This automated testcase triggers ebizzy with number of threads equal to number of cores in a package. Identifies cpu's utilized and verifies if all the cpu's utilized belong to same package.

[PATCH 02/05]: This patch is library of reusable functions written in Python. Signed-Off-By: Poornima Nayak <Poornima.Nayak@in.ibm.com>.

subrata_modak subrata_modak 2009-02-28

added testcases/kernel/power_management/lib
added testcases/kernel/power_management/lib/sched_mc.py
changed testcases
changed testcases/kernel
changed testcases/kernel/power_management
testcases/kernel/power_management/lib/sched_mc.py Diff Switch to side-by-side view