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[6ccf55]: runtest / fs Maximize Restore History

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fs    77 lines (69 with data), 4.7 kB

#DESCRIPTION:Filesystem stress tests
gf01 growfiles -W gf01 -b -e 1 -u -i 0 -L 20 -w -C 1 -l -I r -T 10 -f glseek20 -S 2 -d $TMPDIR
gf02 growfiles -W gf02 -b -e 1 -L 10 -i 100 -I p -S 2 -u -f gf03_ -d $TMPDIR
gf03 growfiles -W gf03 -b -e 1 -g 1 -i 1 -S 150 -u -f gf05_ -d $TMPDIR
gf04 growfiles -W gf04 -b -e 1 -g 4090 -i 500 -t 39000 -u -f gf06_ -d $TMPDIR
gf05 growfiles -W gf05 -b -e 1 -g 5000 -i 500 -t 49900 -T10 -c9 -I p -u -f gf07_ -d $TMPDIR
gf06 growfiles -W gf06 -b -e 1 -u -r 1-5000 -R 0--1 -i 0 -L 30 -C 1 -f g_rand10 -S 2 -d $TMPDIR
gf07 growfiles -W gf07 -b -e 1 -u -r 1-5000 -R 0--2 -i 0 -L 30 -C 1 -I p -f g_rand13 -S 2 -d $TMPDIR
gf08 growfiles -W gf08 -b -e 1 -u -r 1-5000 -R 0--2 -i 0 -L 30 -C 1 -f g_rand11 -S 2 -d $TMPDIR
gf09 growfiles -W gf09 -b -e 1 -u -r 1-5000 -R 0--1 -i 0 -L 30 -C 1 -I p -f g_rand12 -S 2 -d $TMPDIR
gf10 growfiles -W gf10 -b -e 1 -u -r 1-5000 -i 0 -L 30 -C 1 -I l -f g_lio14 -S 2 -d $TMPDIR
gf11 growfiles -W gf11 -b -e 1 -u -r 1-5000 -i 0 -L 30 -C 1 -I L -f g_lio15 -S 2 -d $TMPDIR
gf12 mkfifo $TMPDIR/gffifo17; growfiles -b -W gf12 -e 1 -u -i 0 -L 30 $TMPDIR/gffifo17
gf13 mkfifo $TMPDIR/gffifo18; growfiles -b -W gf13 -e 1 -u -i 0 -L 30 -I r -r 1-4096 $TMPDIR/gffifo18
gf14 growfiles -W gf14 -b -e 1 -u -i 0 -L 20 -w -l -C 1 -T 10 -f glseek19 -S 2 -d $TMPDIR
gf15 growfiles -W gf15 -b -e 1 -u -r 1-49600 -I r -u -i 0 -L 120 -f Lgfile1 -d $TMPDIR
gf16 growfiles -W gf16 -b -e 1 -i 0 -L 120 -u -g 4090 -T 101 -t 408990 -l -C 10 -c 1000 -S 10 -f Lgf02_ -d $TMPDIR
gf17 growfiles -W gf17 -b -e 1 -i 0 -L 120 -u -g 5000 -T 101 -t 499990 -l -C 10 -c 1000 -S 10 -f Lgf03_ -d $TMPDIR
gf18 growfiles -W gf18 -b -e 1 -i 0 -L 120 -w -u -r 10-5000 -I r -l -S 2 -f Lgf04_ -d $TMPDIR
gf19 growfiles -W gf19 -b -e 1 -g 5000 -i 500 -t 49900 -T10 -c9 -I p -o O_RDWR,O_CREAT,O_TRUNC -u -f gf08i_ -d $TMPDIR
gf20 growfiles -W gf20 -D 0 -b -i 0 -L 60 -u -B 1000b -e 1 -r 1-256000:512 -R 512-256000 -T 4 -f gfbigio-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf21 growfiles -W gf21 -D 0 -b -i 0 -L 60 -u -B 1000b -e 1 -g 20480 -T 10 -t 20480 -f gf-bld-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf22 growfiles -W gf22 -D 0 -b -i 0 -L 60 -u -B 1000b -e 1 -g 20480 -T 10 -t 20480 -f gf-bldf-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf23 growfiles -W gf23 -D 0 -b -i 0 -L 60 -u -B 1000b -e 1 -r 512-64000:1024 -R 1-384000 -T 4 -f gf-inf-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf24 growfiles -W gf24 -D 0 -b -i 0 -L 60 -u -B 1000b -e 1 -g 20480 -f gf-jbld-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf25 growfiles -W gf25 -D 0 -b -i 0 -L 60 -u -B 1000b -e 1 -r 1024000-2048000:2048 -R 4095-2048000 -T 1 -f gf-large-gs-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf26 growfiles -W gf26 -D 0 -b -i 0 -L 60 -u -B 1000b -e 1 -r 128-32768:128 -R 512-64000 -T 4 -f gfsmallio-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf27 growfiles -W gf27 -b -D 0 -w -g 8b -C 1 -b -i 1000 -u -f gfsparse-1-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf28 growfiles -W gf28 -b -D 0 -w -g 16b -C 1 -b -i 1000 -u -f gfsparse-2-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf29 growfiles -W gf29 -b -D 0 -r 1-4096 -R 0-33554432 -i 0 -L 60 -C 1 -u -f gfsparse-3-$$ -d $TMPDIR
gf30 growfiles -W gf30 -D 0 -b -i 0 -L 60 -u -B 1000b -e 1 -o O_RDWR,O_CREAT,O_SYNC -g 20480 -T 10 -t 20480 -f gf-sync-$$ -d $TMPDIR
rwtest01 export LTPROOT; rwtest -N rwtest01 -c -q -i 60s  -f sync 10%25000:$TMPDIR/rw-sync-$$
rwtest02 export LTPROOT; rwtest -N rwtest02 -c -q -i 60s  -f buffered 10%25000:$TMPDIR/rw-buffered-$$
rwtest03 export LTPROOT; rwtest -N rwtest03 -c -q -i 60s -n 2  -f buffered -s mmread,mmwrite -m random -Dv 10%25000:$TMPDIR/mm-buff-$$
rwtest04 export LTPROOT; rwtest -N rwtest04 -c -q -i 60s -n 2  -f sync -s mmread,mmwrite -m random -Dv 10%25000:$TMPDIR/mm-sync-$$
rwtest05 export LTPROOT; rwtest -N rwtest05 -c -q -i 50 -T 64b 500b:$TMPDIR/rwtest01%f

#must be run as root
#iogen01 iogen -i 120s -s read,write 500b:doio.f1.$$ 1000b:doio.f2.$$ | doio -akv -n 2
iogen01 export LTPROOT; rwtest -N iogen01 -i 120s -s read,write -Da -Dv -n 2 500b:$TMPDIR/doio.f1.$$ 1000b:$TMPDIR/doio.f2.$$

fs_inod01 fs_inod $TMPDIR 10 10 10
linker01 linktest.sh 1000 1000
openfile01 openfile -f10 -t10
inode01 inode01
inode02 inode02
stream01 stream01
stream02 stream02
stream03 stream03
stream04 stream04
stream05 stream05
ftest01 ftest01
ftest02 ftest02
ftest03 ftest03
ftest04 ftest04
ftest05 ftest05
ftest06 ftest06
ftest07 ftest07
ftest08 ftest08

lftest01	lftest 100
writetest01	writetest

#Also run the fs_di (Data Integrity tests)
fs_di fs_di -d $TMPDIR

# Read every file in /proc. Not likely to crash, but does enough
# to disturb the kernel. A good kernel latency killer too.
# Was not sure why it should reside in runtest/crashme and won´t get tested ever
proc01 proc01

#Run the File System Race Condition Check tests as well
fs_racer fs_racer.sh -t 5

#Run the Quota Remount Test introduced in linux-2.6.26
quota_remount_test01 quota_remount_test01.sh