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New LTool in progress!

Check the News forum for more info :)

Posted by Lejoni 2008-07-15

LTool-0.3 is out!

Now finaly LTool-0.3 is out!
See release notes for detales. :)

Posted by Lejoni 2005-08-19

LTool-0.2 is Out!

Just to download from the files page
and some screenshots at Screenshots page.
Now its time to get some sleep :)

Posted by Lejoni 2005-03-22

Next version getting close!

Next version of LTool is getting close.
Mike G aka FaceAnkh has worked on a wonderful LtMacroAPI, for me to use to control the mouse.
Wich means that the MouseMacroGenerator and Executer
is my primary goal to finish now.
I will also rewrite the ColorClickScan in Pure Python.
And even the Screenshot function in time!

This means that LTool will become "Pure Python"
and will therfor me quite easy to port to other platforms like MS Windows or Mac OS X.... read more

Posted by Lejoni 2005-03-17

New screenshot..

Added a new screenshot of a Consept GUI for the upcoming LTool MouseMacro Generator with an example of how a Controlled burn with 2 Bonefires with aditional 500 wood can look like.

Posted by Lejoni 2005-01-04

LTool-0.1 released...

Yesturday I submitted a package of LTool-0.1 that was broken and twise as big as it was suposed.
This was cus I had managed to make the ABOUT-file
a second copy of the archive.
When this was discovered, I I made a new archive with an old ABOUT file.
Now I have submitted an updated version of the ABOUT file in the document section.

Posted by Lejoni 2005-01-03