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New release of LSID Firefox extension

The LSID Firefox extension has been updated to release 1.0.0. Major changes include dynamic traversal of the RDF graph (no more depth configuration) and the removal of the Jslib dependency. The new extension should work for firefox versions 1.5 or greater.

Posted by Alyssa Wolf 2006-10-12

New release of LSID Perl code

The LSID Perl code has been updated to release 1.1.4. This release includes minor bug fixes and code style cleanups.

Posted by Stephen Evanchik 2006-07-06

New release of the LSID Java Toolkit

The LSID Java Toolkit v1.1.2 was released on February 9, 2006. It is available in the download section.

Posted by Dan Smith 2006-02-11

New release of the Java and Perl stacks

A new release of the Perl and Java client and server stacks have been released and posted to the downloads section. This release makes the cross stack consistency more robust and fixes some minor bugs.

To go along with this release, a tutorial about how to set up your own LSID Authority using the Perl stack has been added to the website.

Posted by Sean Martin 2003-03-12

First public release of LSID source code.

Source code for Perl, Java and Windows COM/C++ implementations of the LSID client stack is available in CVS. Additionally there is a Perl server stack. A J2EE compliant Java stack will follow soon.

Posted by Sean Martin 2003-01-28