Figure 2: Defining XML Object Types Close the editor and the Options dialog box. 5 in his blog onOpenSourcery.
Eric Redmond Solaris Enterprise System, Beta Program Manager Sun Microsystems, Inc. You should contact your OS vendor for updates or corrections for this issue.
Click the State diagram below the Displaying State element.
5 IDE and NetBeansEnterprise Pack 5.
org, NetBeans,org, JXTA. You don't have to be a schema expert tocreate and modify XML schema documents. For example, nearly every programmer I know hasa copy of the Gang of Four DesignPatterns book.
jar Note: This example uses only a minimal number of JAR files. We assume that you are already familiar with UML concepts. Let's start off with Chapter 1,which introduces the reader to a simple guitar-store inventoryapplication that is, put simply, a mess. In the spring, the sun rises earlier each day. Later on, those runtimes will be part of Sun Java Enterprise System, at which time acorresponding Sun Java Studio Enterprise IDE will also be available. Place your cursor just after the dot after JasperCompileManager in the first linein the try block to test the NetBeans code-completion capability with theJasperReports library. Either right-click in the editor and choose Fix Imports from the context menu or, with the focus in the editor, type Alt-Shift-F. respects your desire for privacy. Please log in with your Sun Online Account.