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Linear vs Non-Linear profiles

Paul Hunt
  • Paul Hunt
    Paul Hunt

    I've been attempting to create camera profiles, using a Wolf Faust camera target and following the Lprof tutorial.

    I process the raw data with ufraw, setting gamma to 0.45. linearity to 0.1.

    Now, when actually using the profile in ufraw, I need to ensure that the gamma and linearity sliders are set as above for the image to display correctly.

    I am unclear about what the terms "linear" and "non-linear" mean in the context of device profiles.

    If I use a non-linear gamma setting when developing the target image, does Lprof then create a non-linear profile?  And if the profile is non-linear, why do I need to set the gamma when actually using the profile?

    Thanks for any enlightenment!