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AlloyUI 2.5.0 Released


We are happy to announce the release of AlloyUI 2.5.0! This release can be found on the CDN and via a downloadable .zip archive.

<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet"></link>
... [read more](/p/lportal/news/2014/04/alloyui-250-released/)
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Liferay 2014 Marketplace App Contest

_It's back! _To celebrate and reward our outstanding community of Marketplace developers, I am happy to announce the opening of the 2014 Liferay Marketplace App Contest! Last year, we had over 70 submissions and many winners (so many that we had to extend the review period an extra week). We saw some really great and innovative apps, and also saw a nice bump in Marketplace activity in general. Last year's winners saw an average of 7x increase in downloads and 2000+ views! So while the prizes are nice, the increased visibility (and bragging rights) are even sweeter. So we're doing it again.... read more

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Inject any custom class or service into web content templates

Problem situation

Web content templates are easy to write in Liferay, but as they become more complex they tend to contain a lot of scripting. Moreover, complex Velocity or Freemarker scripts are hard to maintain and even harder to debug. Also, unit testing your scripts is impossible.


A first possible optimization is to use macros. Generic script blocks can be captured into a macro so the same logic can be used multiple times in your script. You can even reuse macro definitions across multiple templates by defining a generic macro template and including (parsing) that template into other templates that want to use those macros.... read more

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#07 Liferay São Paulo User Group

Ola pessoal


Realizaremos o #07 meetup sobre Liferay no dia 24/04/2014 e le sera no iMasters e ja temos uma palestra confirmada do Fernando Tadashi (Consultor Liferay) que falara sobre como extender plugins da Marketplace.

Gostaria de saber se alguem esta afim de palestrar sobre algo que fez com Liferay. Temos um slot disponivel ainda.

A agenda sera a de sempre:

19:15 - Abertura... read more

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Sociaal intranet verhoogt de effectiviteit van organisaties

Bijna elke organisatie heeft wel een website die wordt gebruikt als visitekaartje en nieuwskanaal voor de business. Ook een intranet is zeker bij grote organisaties redelijk standaard. Helaas wordt een intranet vaak hoofdzakelijk gebruikt voor het zenden van informatie. Dat is een gemiste kans, want door sociale mogelijkheden toe te voegen, kan de effectiviteit van een onderneming enorm vergroot worden.... read more

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Websites zijn mobiele portalen tot je business

In e-commerce is de term 'responsive design' al een tijdje in zwang. De meeste online marketeers zijn er intussen van overtuigd dat de conversie van een webshop (ofwel: in welke mate een bezoek wordt afgesloten met een transactie) direct afhankelijk is van de mate waarin een webshop zich aanpast aan mobiele devices. Dit heeft grote gevolgen voor elk bedrijf dat potentiele klanten wil bereiken via zijn webplatform.... read more

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Liferay CometD Ajax Push / Liferay Reverse Ajax



Ajax Push is a mechanism to push data from server. Generally in the web application when the client request for the server then we will get the dynamic data or updated data from server to web client/browser.


But sometimes we need a mechanism it automatically push data from server to client this is called server push mechanism. Server push is technique to push data from server to client. In this scenarios client will not send request to server but server will automatically push the data to client when it get updated.... read more

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Community Meeting: Stuttgart (15. April 2014)

(english summary below)

Hallo zusammen,

ich bin mal wieder auf Reisen - genauer gesagt beim Training "Administering Liferay Systems" in Stuttgart (Hint: es gibt noch freie Platze) und habe am Dienstag, 15. April, abend noch nichts vor. Korrektur: Jetzt habe ich etwas vor!

Ich rufe kurzfristig zum Community-Meeting nahe des Marienplatzes in Stuttgart auf, zum freundlichen Gesprach und Austausch bei Bier, Wein oder einem anderen Getrank. Um einen groben Überblick zu haben und einen passenden Tisch zu reservieren, bitte ich um kurze Ruckmeldung per Kommentar hier, auf twitter oder per Mail (olaf punkt kock at liferay punkt com)... read more

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Searching entities through custom attribute value.

If you need to search Users who has particular custom attribute value .Using liferay expando API ,this can be acheived easly as follows.

String attrValue ="IT";


String attributeName ="user-department-name";


String tableName = ExpandoTableConstants.DEFAULT_TABLE_NAME;


long classNameId =ClassNameLocalServiceUtil.getClassNameId(User.class);



List<ExpandoValue> expandoValues =ExpandoValueLocalServiceUtil.getColumnValues(companyId, classNameId, tableName, attributeName, attrValue, -1,-1);... read more

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Configure SSO in Liferay with OKTA using SAML 2.0 protocol

In this blog, I am listing the steps to configure SSO in Liferay with OKTA using SAML 2.0 protocol.

OKTA is an enterprise grade identity management service, built from the ground up in the cloud. Okta identity management service provides directory services, SSO, strong authentication, provisioning, workflow and built in reporting.

If you are not familiar with SAML, check out awesome blog by Mika Koivisto.... read more

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How to clean previous version of documents from Document and Media

If you are using liferay sync you might have run in to issue where you end up having 1000 version of the same docyment and for 1 MB size document your disk space utilization 1 GB.  

Reason is for every save of document opened from folder mapped using liferay sync it will try to create a version if you are connected to the network and liferay sync is active. 

You can use this Groovy script to clean up  all previous version of the document to clean up the disk space.  Run this script from Control Panel > Server Administration > Script > Select Groovy .... read more

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Liferay Mobile SDK Now Available

Today Liferay released the first version of the Liferay Mobile SDK! [Download | Documentation | Project Page]... read more

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UploadPortletRequest and file size limits

Uploading files into portlet is quite common request these days and Liferay offers several ways how to archive it. The simples way is to use plain HTML form upload and retrieve files on the server side using UploadPortletRequest. It does not need any JavaScript (if you don't want to), one however has to keep in mind that this approach has some limitations. One of these is the size of the file, which can be result into the file (its binary content) not being available on the server side.... read more

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Liferay 6.2 CE GA2 Now Available

Today Liferay released an update of its flagship software: Liferay Portal 6.2 CE GA2! [Download] [Quick Start]

This update corrects several issues found since the GA1 release in late 2013 found by our community and Liferay's continuous testing teams. Want to know more? Read on!... read more

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Classloading in Liferay

Libraries (or JAR-files if you will) exist in many different locations in your Liferay installation. Some reside in Tomcat's lib folder, others are included in the lib folder of Liferay's ROOT. And of course, there are the libraries that are included in your own portlets. It's no secret that Liferay performs some magic tricks to enable access to different classes in different contexts. This complexity is mostly abstracted away from developers, so you don't have to worry if class X is indeed available for you from within a portlet. However, there are some very specific particularities that you need to be aware of as a Liferay developer. Welcome to the wonderful world of classloading in Liferay!... read more

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Why I chose to help EVP in Brazil

Recently, Liferay Brazil decided to start the Employee Volunteer Plan (EVP) in its office. As you have learned, its a project to sponsor employee participation in social causes for which he or she can receive either a pecuniary grant to support a nonprofit or be given some work hours to work for humanitarian causes. All you have to do is choose who you'll help, describe why your help is relevant and submit your request.... read more

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Marketplace E-Commerce Now Available

The Liferay Marketplace has come a long way since opening its doors in August 2012. Since then it has grown almost 5x in number of apps and has registered more than 600 developers from over 25 countries. And we continue to evolve the Marketplace so that it creates value for Liferay customers, while staying relevant to our community of partners and developers.... read more

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#01 Meetup no Rio de Janeiro foi um sucesso!

Ola pessoal


Realizamos o primeiro meetup no Rio de Janeiro na Caelum e foi um sucesso. 

Conversamos bastante sobre Liferay e quem estava presente, que ate entao, nao tinha visto a versao 6.2 do Liferay ficou impressionado com as melhorias que a ferramenta teve.


O proximo evento sera algo mais informal para conversarmos sobre Liferay. O evento sera em algum bar que permita conversarmos e bebermos/comermos algo. Estamos aceitando sugestoes de locais.... read more

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Configuring a Liferay cluster (and make it use unicast)


Configuring a Liferay cluster is part experience and part black magic. There is some information that you can find online, there's some information you can only find out while working on it and then there are some things like how to configure ehcache to use unicast that you can only discover through blood, sweat and tears. This post will first describe how to set up a Liferay 6.1 cluster with Ehcache in multicast and in unicast mode.... read more

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#06 Liferay São Paulo User Group

Ola pessoal

Realizamos mais um meetup informal sobre Liferay no dia 06/03/2014.


Ele foi extremamente produtivo e quem nao foi perdeu cheeky


Nao deixe de comparecer no proximo.


Nao se esqueça de se inscrever no para facilitar a comunicaçao de novos eventos. read more

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New Dev Guide Content: Liferay Faces, Mobile SDK, Portlet Prefs, and UI Examples

Here are some of the new chapters and sections for you to check out in the Developer's Guide:

Developing JSF Portlets with Liferay Faces (New Chapter)

Liferay Faces developer content now has its own chapter in the Dev Guide. Since JSF is the Java EE standard for developing web applications using MVC, you may want to consider implementing your portlets in JSF. Liferay Faces allows you to leverage JSF 2.0 in your portlet and bridge over to Liferay Portal with ease. Liferay Faces lets you leverage AlloyUI and Liferay UI components.... read more

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Using EXTJS with Liferay

As promised this blog post is a continuation of the previous one about RESTFul services (check the related blog)

On this blog post I will explain how to integrate an external javascript library - EXTJS with Liferay, combined with our Permission System.

I am going to use the same RESTFul APIs developed previously to provide the CRUD operations and use EXTJS to invoke these APIs via AJAX in order to build the UI.... read more

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Hot Deploy vs Auto Deploy

There has been a tremendous lack of understanding around what Liferay means by "hot deploy" and "auto deploy". Most people get the two concepts confused, believing them to be one and the same. In reality, Liferay has TWO completely separate and different concepts: hot and auto deploy (i.e. Hot Deploy != Auto Deploy).


Hot Deploy

Many of you are familiar with hot deployment in the context of JEE application servers. This basically means if an application artifact (WAR or EAR) file is present in a specifically configured directory, the application server (e.g. Tomcat, Weblogic, etc) will pick up that artifact, deploy it within the application server, and start the application. If you are not familiar with this concept, please consult your application server's documentation.... read more

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Integrating with the Liferay 6.2 Calendar app

Hello to all! smiley

This is my first post on, so let me introduce myself: my name is Andrea (yes, it's a male name in Italy!) and I'm a software engineer working in the R&D group at SMC Treviso.

In this post I'll talk about the new Calendar app which was shipped with Liferay 6.2, and especially how to integrate it with the world around... I'd like to share my experience on that, because we've seen this kind of integrations may be a "killer application" in intranet (e.g. B2E) solutions and scenarios such as sales force automation, etc.... read more

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Recommendations for your

Hi guys, I would like to share some important recommendations for your files.


First, you must remember the order for the overwrite properties. Liferay loads the values of the properties defined in the file (inside the portal-impl.jar), next overwrite with the values of the properties in, then overwrites with the values of, and finally overwrite with the values in the database.... read more

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